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About Preface Deux

Founded in 1986, Preface Deux was formed to provide quality, luxury European packaging components to the United States beauty, fragrance, and spirits industries. Having seen an early need for premium beauty components, Preface Deux aligned itself with a variety of high-end packaging supply factories that are leaders in luxury packaging component manufacturing, development, and innvovation.

Aviva Himoff

President of Preface Deux

  • Aviva Himoff
    Aviva HimoffCo-Founder/President

Great Products Start with Great Suppliers



Our Passion and desire to make great product leads the way in our Innovations. Always striving to outdo ourselves, Preface Deux constantly challenges the status quo on packaging design and development towards being at the forefront of the latest and greatest product launches.

We constantly work to improve our products, our processes, and our technology, always finding solutions that fit the changing needs of the market.



    Preface Deux is armed with Project Developers engaged in managing customers throughout the whole development process of their products and new launches. From design and testing, through production, to finishing, assembly and supply.

    At the heart of the company is the ability to study all aspects of the design, components and multi-part products, to ensure the feasibility of the designers vision.



      Preface Deux uses cutting-edge technology in order to offer competitive solutions to its customers. Our search for process innovation has led to the acquisition of high-speed, fully-automated equipment, allowing us to improve service while being competitive.

      The incorporation of new techniques into our manufacturing processes, promotes alternative and effective solutions in adapting to new market trends.

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